Gone are the days (or they should be) when ads lived in one medium and spoke at consumers. If nothing else, digital marketing has changed that paradigm permanently. Even most consumers of television have now taken complete control over how they watch, when they watch, and what they watch. Witness: the activity taking place every second of every day on YouTube.

YouTube is the second most often used search engine in the world. Yes, it’s owned by Google but as a general search engine it ranks higher in use than Yahoo or Bing. More than 600 videos are uploaded to YouTube every second of every day. Visitors watched more than 3 Billion hours of videos just last month alone. Yet locally, YouTube advertising is one of the most under-utilized mediums for small businesses. And lest you think you have to have a video yourself, you don’t…we’re talking about advertising your business on or near other people’s videos. At least locally, this option for advertisers is sorely underused in the area and that captive audience can be had for pennies on the dollar.

Why use Iowa marketing agencies like Maudience to manage your campaign?

Imagine you’re a furniture store selling medium quality but usable furniture. You’ve got good prices, good value, you deliver and you make it easy for people to buy furniture they want or need on a pretty speedy basis. What do you think the benefit might be of having your 15-20 second branding message play before or near a video on YouTube about refinishing furniture for the DIY home owner? Or how about putting your advertisement for a home theater recliner sale on the latest big Hollywood blockbuster movie trailer? Let’s also imagine that your video ad is targeted to within a 40-mile radius of your location…and demographically to a good range of customer age and interests.

That’s the kind of micro-targeting you can now take control of in the digital world. And here’s the best part…

You’ll know within days how many, who, what, when, where and how well your advertisement is being utilized. It’s not guesswork spray-and-pray marketing anymore. You no longer will be interested to hear how many people “heard your ad” or “saw your ad”…you’ll have provable, trackable, solid, take-it-to-the bank action to take comfort in.

It’s like advertising on TV, only better because viewers who go to YouTube aren’t just turning on the channel and somewhat paying attention. They’re going there specifically to view something they’re interested in…and before they can see it, they have to see at least a few seconds of your ad. You’re not paying $600-$700 dollars for a 30-second commercial on the local news.

That’s pretty smart.