Meet our Staff

Mark Vande Harr - Maudience Co-Founder
Mark Vande Haar

Mark has had an entrepreneurial spirit from the beginning. Having founded and contributed to many of the organizations making a difference in both the marketing world and the community, it was obvious he was destined to lead from the start of his career. He specializes in digital strategy, including everything from Google to Hubspot. What he will do for your business is nothing short of getting you on the map right where you need to be. Mark has a great talent for showing you the ROI as well as where Maudience can continue to improve your presence in the digital world.

Michiel Hekker - Maudience Co-Founder
Michiel Hekker

Also known as Mike, Michiel has dedicated his career to the user experience in both the digital and traditional marketing setting. Having Co-Founded Maudience with Mark Vande Haar, he too was destined to lead. He has specialties on the creative side, which include both a digital mindset as well as traditional. He leads the Maudience creative team to ensure your brand is consistent, accurate and exceeding expectations. Michiel jumps into creative when needed to accomplish the necessary tasks at hand to ensure your brand sets you apart from the competition.

Kendra Fish - Maudience Account Manager
Kendra Fish
Account Manager

Kendra brings both marketing and creative to the Maudience team. She has experience in the corporate setting as well as small business. Having primarily focused the majority of her career on the traditional side of marketing, she can help your team create a holistic strategy to encompass what you need, at the budget you require. She also plays a large role in Human Resources and Culture of the Maudience crew. What Kendra brings to you is an opportunity to mentor your marketing department and create an approach that has your customers coming to you.

Allyson Machala - Digital Marketing Strategist
Allyson Machala
Digital Media Strategist

Allyson, known to most as Ally, is a content creation guru for your brand. Specializing in creating content for social media, blogs, websites and other avenues of communication, Ally has a unique knack for grabbing your customers’ attention. In addition to content creation, she serves as a Project Manager for your content schedule. Ally has worked for businesses of various sizes, and she holds a Bachelors in Language, Writing and Business.

Jakob Garman - Maudience Frontend Developer
Jakob Garman
Frontend Developer

Jakob brings many hats to the Maudience team. While his primary role focuses on the frontend development of your website, he is also talented in animation video, website optimization and several others skills in the realm of digital marketing. He has worked with clients both small and medium size to put their presence on the map of their customers.

Miguel Santana - Backend Developer
Miguel Santana
Developer & Systems Administrator

Miguel finds focusing on the functionality and intricacies of your website one of his passions. He specializes in backend WordPress development, creating custom theme development and integrations. He is skilled in PHP and WordPress. Miguel has worked on a number of client projects, both large and small. He also plays a role in troubleshooting information technology issues for Maudience. The more custom your site, the more time you will be working with Miguel.

Skyler Knutzen - Maudience Videographer
Skyler Knutzen
Videographer / Story Teller